Monday, 17 February 2014

FIR Filter coefficients using Excel Vba

We use different platforms to generate FIR and IIR coefficients. I tried to generate FIR filter coefficients using Excel. Low pass, High pass, Band pass, Band stop filters are implemented.

Why excel?
I choose excel for it's simple advantage, transparency. We can view each and every value and use them further easily. Understanding is better when we implement in Excel, and excel is also widely used as a professional tool in companies.

What is Excel vba?
Excel Vba is Excel with visual basic application within it. It helps to implement complicated formulas using visual basic and it's also very easy to learn. Its extension is .xlsm

Click below link to download Excel file.

Download excel file
Outlook of the Excel file

Download the .pdf file from below link showing how to use it.
How to use it.

FIR- finite impulse response
IIR - Infinite impulse response

To have better knowledge on digital signal processing, check out

Some interesting websites for Excel vba reference are,,

I worked with IIR filter too. For any quiries comment.