Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Applications of Open Computer Vision:
              Application of this is growing day by day. The main advantage is the inbuilt libraries which makes many techniques easy.
             Simple techniques which are given as examples in OpenCV software are :
             In Video prossesing:
             1. Colour Tracking.
             2. Point Tracking.
             3. Motion Segmentation.
             4. Edge detection.
             Image Prossessing:
             1. Edge detection.
             2. Segmentation.
             3. Morphology.
             4. Histogrom.
             5. Distance Transform.
             6. Ellipse Fitting.
To do better you should be knowing atleast these techniques thorough.
             Major applications of OpenCV is based on identification,recognition and tracking. Now-a-days Major Robotic projects are done using this. For list of applications go to I will try to discuss the code for above techniques starting from basic code implientation.