Thursday, 23 January 2014

Network Simulator:(NS-2 and NS-3)

Simulating live networks is never been this easy. Now we can know peek inside the network to know about it just with the help of your system. Network simulator was developed with same idea I guess.
First two of its versions, i.e.. NS and NS2 are bit successful in terms of simulating a network, but are failure when it comes to speed and complexity. Their complexity is mainly because of their double layer architecture using Tcl and C++ as outer and inner layers respectively. These two are linked with Tclcl class. Too much Technical I guess, :P. To know more about them, I recommend you to go through and It has tutorials and everything you want to know about Network simulators. Some tutorials may be confusing or not elaborate enough, but you will get a fair outer idea about network simulators. Whatever the reason may be NS and NS2 are slow. NS3 was able to overcome this. When we look at their names, we may think they are just developments from one to another, but Surprisingly, NS3 is not even similar to previous versions. In NS3 coding is solely done by C++, optionally by Python. If you are new to this, I prefer you to start with NS3. Everything we talked about is open source. So your contribution may matter.

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