Saturday, 29 June 2013

Duplicating Key with keyme

keyme introduced a process of storing your key in cloud and allow you to download it on demand. This will allow you to download it in 30 seconds.

Here creating an account is free and to download your key you need to pay around $20. For the basic
As this deals with keys the security is expected to be high. For this they store less information about key as possible. If you want to access keyme you must pass the verification. Fingerprint login and Email notifications make it more safer.

"We have all faced the immense inconvenience and unnecessary cost of getting locked out -- our KeyMe kiosks provide the ultimate solution to this problem," said Greg Marsh, CEO of KeyMe. "KeyMe acts as your digital key chain, making sure you can always get into your home or office."

Let's see how this can affect the security of People.